Funky Cakes and Wedding Cakes

This week we caught up with Funky Cakes which is based in the Craft Village right in the centre of Derry City, ran by Claire & Sean. They told us what they loved most about wedding cakes and gave us a break down on the 4 main styles on trend at the moment:

We love to create all styles of wedding cakes from traditional to the more contemporary styles which are on trend at the moment.
We’ve noticed over the past few years how styles have changed.  A lot of our couples are wanting a more rustic approach, and a less formal wedding. This will all depend on the style of your wedding and your choice of venue, it’s always a nice idea to see these all tie in well together

Top 4 styles

The traditional iced cakes.

This doesn’t mean an iced cake has to be dated or boring. Traditional iced cakes can be modern, edgy and elegant. These can be decorated with beautiful floral patterns or pear droplets. And for the perfect finish, a lustre effect can be added with some luxury 24K edible gold or silver leaf.

Naked/semi naked cakes

The Naked or Semi Naked cake is a gorgeous cake for the a bride looking for something a little more rustic. And are probably the most popular style at the moment.  The beauty about this cakes is that you can create a beautiful textured finishes with frosting. Or leave the cakes completely naked and have the soft layers of sponge and frosting on display for everyone to gaze at.
Then to complete this lovely natural look you simply adding some fresh seasonal fruits or exquisite flowers. And Voila a lovely semi naked cake perfect for your wedding.

Dessert table.

We find that now days a lot of brides are looking beyond cake for a real ‘wow’ factor. Fun dessert tables can be a real talking point with your guests. The beauty with dessert table is that you can let your imaginations run willed.  We would recommend a selection of macarons, chocolate brownie, cupcakes, individual cakes. This way there is a sweet treat to satisfy everyones sweet tooth.

The Non-Conventional cakes.

The best thing about your wedding is that its your day! You don’t have to even have a cake if you don’t want to. A tiered centrepieces can make a beautiful alternative to a traditional cake. Why not think on a  Macaron Tower, Croquembouche or my favourite of all a Cheese Cake which includes cheese, crackers, chutney, fruits and flowers to decorate. These can be a massive hit with your guests and tasty to 😀

A question we get asked an awful lot is how much is a wedding cake….. How long is a piece of string ??

Cake prices depends on, first of all the size of your cake, then how many tiers you would like, and finally ( and probably most importantly of all) the amount of decoration.  This is always the deciding factor for the cost of your cake. Of course an iced cake will be more expensive than the likes of your semi/naked cakes. We will always give an estimated price on initial enquiry. Then after a few appointments, a final price when all the details have been confirmed. We want you to have the perfect cake style for your day!
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