Why get Married in a Barn?

A Hotel as your wedding venue or a Country House the first decision to make when choosing your wedding venue.
Dunmore Gardens is not a hotel venue. It is a period house dating from 1742, the cellars pre-date the siege of Derry, with a heritage barn. And every wedding is special for us.

Dunmore Heritage Barn

The barn at Dunmore is truly historic. Some of the farm buildings are over 400 years old. use and Barn? This is one of The barn was part of the working farm. In its time it has housed pigs and chickens, as well as horses and farm equipment. In 2017 it was lovingly restored and now is ready for the party. With the high ceilings, the acoustics are great.
The barn is surrounded by fields of billowing oats and barley and old woods full of oak, holly, and ivy. As you approach the house cattle graze thoughtfully in the fields while young horses enjoy the rich grass. We are proud of our wildlife, particularly the red squirrels and always love watching the swallows returning each year.

A Barn Venue is a Blank Canvass

The Barn is a blank canvass for your wedding. There are no bright curtains and busy carpets at Dunmore. We
offer a high, very high, ceiling, lots of space and old beams. You can decorate it as you wish. You can keep it
natural with its old stonework or cover it with ivy and flowers. Perhaps you want to mix old with new: Your name in bright lights and a flashing dance floor in a simple heritage environment. Decorating the barn with your family can be part of the fun of the wedding. At Dunmore, we give you lots of time to decorate and we do whatever we can to help to personalize your day. Or you can keep it simple and let the beauty of the barn itself shine through.

The Barn and The Gardens at Dunmore

Dunmore is famous for its gardens nearly 3 acres of a walled garden. In the old days, the garden would have fed the household and farm workers. Now there is greenery everywhere and guests are welcome to explore the grounds and admire nature. The garden is fantastic for photos with its huge redwood, willow trees, lilies, and roses. There are lots of arches and little corners allowing for that special photo. Weather permitting you can have your ceremony on the lawn with the magnificent backdrop of the house behind. We use vegetables and herbs from the garden at our weddings.

A Barn Wedding is a Relaxed Wedding

Most importantly a barn wedding is a relaxed wedding. Escape from the busy city and enjoy the fresh air and the countryside. Let the venue bring out your character.

So if you like rustic and you want to personalize your wedding then give Amelia a call (+353) 83 802 8625 or send us an email info@dunmoregardens.ie

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