Choosing your Wedding Dress. Something Old?

Dunmore Gardens

Choosing your Wedding Dress. Something Old?

Have you chosen your wedding dress.?There is the well-known saying that you should wear something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a six pence in your shoe on your wedding day and then you will have a long and happy marriage.

Today I want to look at something old.

Of course when we think of wedding dresses, there are so many beautiful, modern designers out there that the choice is endless.  But perhaps you might like to step back and  consider something old.

In the antique shops or in a trunk in your attic or even hidden away in a wardrobe you may find the most beautiful Georgian and Edwardian dresses.  Try them on.  They can always be adjusted. There are so many wonderful seamstresses who will sensitively fit the dress to you and make it yours.

I want to tell you here about the dress that my aunt Caroline chose when she got married in Clonsilla, Co.Dublin, just a few years ago.  Ok shes had her pearl wedding anniversary, so it is a good few years ago.

She chose a court dress with Irish crochet and Brussels lace and train.  The detail is fantastic. Look at

the shamrocks.  Imagine crocheting this by hand.  It must have taken hours.

This dress was originally worn by Elizabeth Balfour Clarke at Dublin Castle in about 1910.

Elizabeth Clarke looks rather stern in the original photo but then it’s not her wedding day. But here is the dress with my aunt wearing it when she got married and she truly looks radiant.

Not to be outdone my mother, when she go engaged, started rooting through old trunks.  She hates shopping.  The last thing she was going to do was go around the designer shops or attend wedding fairs. For her clouds of dust and fighting with moths was infinitely preferable.  She too got married in one of her great, great aunt’s dresses.  This one had a very delicate bodice and a straight skirt with heavy lace.  She was married in a tiny, little church in Kentstown Co.Meath to Anthony McFarland of Dunmore Gardens and they celebrated the occasion afterwards at Slane Castle.

So if you are starting to think about wedding dresses perhaps think about something old. I am sure it will be easy to add something new, something borrowed and something blue on the big day.

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